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08. February 2017 Blog 0

So if you have read my other blog post you will know I made a tutorial on how to make a simple websocket picker.

Simple PHP Websocket Application with Ratchet [Part 1 – Server Side]

Simple PHP Websocket Application with Ratchet [Part 2 – Frontend]

A friend of mine encouraged me to continue to work on that and convert it into an actual product that other people could use. He helped me with the design so big shout out to Ricardo Zea for that. He is a great web designer if anyone is looking for someone to do some design work for them. You can find his site here: http://ricardozea.design/

Feel free to go to https://rafflebot.io setup a free account and make a new room. Also feel free to leave any feedback here. I’ll work on continuing to improve the application and adding more features.

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