While most of the work I have done has been for my job and can’t be shown, here are some of the sites I have developed outside of work.

rafflebot.io (not active)
Technology: Laravel 5, Ratchet PHP (Websockets), Stripe API
Design By: Ricardo Zea

tweetlater.xyz (not active)
Technology: Laravel 5, VueJs (v2, Vue-Router, Vuex), Twitter Oauth and Api

Technology: Laravel 5

analyze.ly (Built while working for InfoTrust)
Technology: AngularJS (frontend), Laravel 5 (backend), OAuth2.0 (Google, Facebook and Baidu), Third-Party APIs (Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Insights, Bing Ads, Baidu Ads, Stripe Payments, etc…)
Design By: Allen Gingrich | Ideas and Pixels