Building a Go and Vue.js Web Application

14. September 2018 Blog 0
A few months ago at work we were facing a decision, we had to do some major rework to our web app. Our first version was written in Node.js, and no one on our team was really happy with Node for many different reasons. However, one of the main reasons was simply the fact that ...

Dealing with Trailing Slashes on RequestURI in Go with Mux

23. March 2018 Blog 7
I recently was building a REST API with Go and I utilized gorilla/mux for routing. I quickly realized that if you create a router handler it doesn’t handle trailing slashes. So if you write code like this: router.HandleFunc(\"/users\",GetList).Methods(\"GET\") It would get would handle requests to /users but not /users/. So I did a little bit ...

Crypto Mining Ethereum

16. June 2017 Blog 0
So recently I was talking to a friend of mine who recently started getting into crypto mining. I considered doing this a long time ago when bitcoin was up and coming, however by the time I was looking at mining Bitcoin it was already past the point where you could be profitable with normal GPUs. ... is live!

08. February 2017 Blog 0
So if you have read my other blog post you will know I made a tutorial on how to make a simple websocket picker. Simple PHP Websocket Application with Ratchet [Part 1 – Server Side] Simple PHP Websocket Application with Ratchet [Part 2 – Frontend] A friend of mine encouraged me to continue to work ...