Dealing with Trailing Slashes on RequestURI in Go with Mux

23. March 2018 Blog 7
I recently was building a REST API with Go and I utilized gorilla/mux for routing. I quickly realized that if you create a router handler it doesn’t handle trailing slashes. So if you write code like this: router.HandleFunc(\"/users\",GetList).Methods(\"GET\") It would get would handle requests to /users but not /users/. So I did a little bit ...

Crypto Mining Ethereum

16. June 2017 Blog 0
So recently I was talking to a friend of mine who recently started getting into crypto mining. I considered doing this a long time ago when bitcoin was up and coming, however by the time I was looking at mining Bitcoin it was already past the point where you could be profitable with normal GPUs. ... is live!

08. February 2017 Blog 0
So if you have read my other blog post you will know I made a tutorial on how to make a simple websocket picker. Simple PHP Websocket Application with Ratchet [Part 1 – Server Side] Simple PHP Websocket Application with Ratchet [Part 2 – Frontend] A friend of mine encouraged me to continue to work ...