Crypto Mining Ethereum

16. June 2017 Blog 0
So recently I was talking to a friend of mine who recently started getting into crypto mining. I considered doing this a long time ago when bitcoin was up and coming, however by the time I was looking at mining Bitcoin it was already past the point where you could be profitable with normal GPUs. ... is live!

08. February 2017 Blog 0
So if you have read my other blog post you will know I made a tutorial on how to make a simple websocket picker. Simple PHP Websocket Application with Ratchet [Part 1 – Server Side] Simple PHP Websocket Application with Ratchet [Part 2 – Frontend] A friend of mine encouraged me to continue to work ...

Wizard, Warrior, or Developer?

17. January 2017 Blog 0
Early on in my career as a developer I struggled with a lot of the same questions almost every other developer face. One of the major issues developers face is something called impostor syndrome. Almost every developer I have ever met regardless of their skill level think they are just an average to below average ...

Uploading Files Directly to AWS S3 in Laravel 5.3

25. October 2016 Blog 0
In a recent project we use AWS S3 to store files. Originally I was uploading the files like normal then using Laravel’s built in File Storage to move the files to S3. However this seemed like a waste to upload files to my server that were going to get moved to another server. So I ...