Titanium Certified Developer and Expert

17. June 2014 Blog 0

Last week I spent a week in Nashville, TN going through some training in Appcelerator. Half way through the week I passed the Titanium Certified Developer test, then at the end of the week I passed the Titanium Certified Expert test. For those of you who don’t know Appcelerator is a Javascript framework that alloys you to create apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and in the future Windows. I got into it at work because we needed a mobile app developed and I didn’t have the time to learn both Java and Objective C. While it isn’t perfect and I’m sure native code would be better, Appcelerator is pretty good and will be even better in next 6 months or so when they come out with Hyperloop, which is their new compiler.

Appcelerator also allows you to reuse about 70-80% of your code between platforms. Normally once you get to the presentation level you end up having some different code for each platform since iOS has different display APIs than Android. Appcelerator also has an MVC style framework called Alloy, so if your used to coding in that style it makes it pretty easy. Alloy makes your code even more reusable and is built on Backbone.js so if you are familiar with it that will help a lot.

If anyone has any question about Appcelerator feel free to comment below and I’ll try to make sure I give an answer.



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